Enjoy game fully
Playing a zombie game is one of the most enjoyable things gamers can do. Shooting hordes of undead, surviving, getting different weapons, and clearing maps, all this is possible in the second version of the game – Zombocalypse 2 Unblocked.

We have an unblocked version of the game here, which means you can enjoy the game fully, all functions, all weapons, and maps are already unblocked and you can enjoy the game fully.

Game features
Unlike other zombie games, this one is different, it has super cool graphics, it has a huge variety of different weapons (starting from shotguns and ending with automatic rifles), it has different character (each character has its own unique attack abilities), it has armory feature in-game menu where you can get tons of different weapons and swords, it has perks which can increase your stats and increase the survivability of your character, it has kill combos and many more.
The game is outstanding because it has so many features and so many opportunities.

Maps and challenge
Maps, where you play, are divided into different areas, for example, you start playing from the crash site and you continue to play in the downtown area, in a military base, etc. As always the first area is relatively easy to clear, but things get tough in the following areas. The further you go through the game the more difficult it is for you to succeed, zombies have more health, they run faster, etc.
In order to fight well at higher levels, you will have to constantly unlock new characters, get more powerful weapons, get perks, and things like that.
Game is all about getting better gear and increasing stats, if you won’t do it you will fail for sure.

The game is pretty complicated, with an awesome upgrade system, with different guns, and all the small details which in total make one decent online zombie game. It has challenges, it has survival objectives and it is very entertaining.