So you’re interested in playing the best co-op zombie games currently available? Well, I’ve got a few of them you’ll most certainly enjoy! First and foremost, you’re going to want to have your friends ready to create memories you’ll never forget. Games like Left for Dead 2 (L4D2), Dead Island, and H1Z1 will keep you occupied for hundreds of hours, literally.

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Left for Dead 2, Although it’s become a bit of an older game now, has an amazing community of players that welcome even the newest of players! I personally rate this to be one of the best co-op zombie games because of the story! It has an amazing story that’s enveloping and allows you to enjoy even the scariest moments. In L4D2 you’re with a party of people and your goal is to progress through checkpoints to complete the campaigns. They can be long and difficult, so make sure your friends are ready to cover for you. You’ll encounter so many different types of zombies, from screaming Witches to exploding Boomers. This is one of the most enjoyable zombie games that I’ve sunk many hours into and I would certainly suggest it.

Dead Island Franchise. The Dead Island Franchise has many games released currently, all of which are extremely enjoyable to play with friends! Ever wanted to customize weapons and charge into a horde of zombies, all while trying to save your friend? Well, this game could be the one you’re looking for! The amount of freedom in this game allows you to roam about and do as you wish, kill how you wish, and stop whenever you feel like you’ve massacred enough, or you could follow the story and try and find a way off of the Island with the other survivors, which you can also play as! The online community is still active and blooming! Which is great, if your friends are unavailable for a while you can always group up with some of the experienced online players! I’m sure they could teach you a thing or two!

H1Z1 Out of the games listed so far this is the only one that isn’t cross-platform, yet! With announced PS4 released this’ll be much easier to access and enjoy!H1Z1 is an open-world sandbox in which you, and your friends, can fight off hordes of zombies as well as other players! Battling for the resources you need to not only survive but to build your base and weapons! This game isn’t story-driven, but with all of the commotion happening you’ll be in a constant fight to survive! With this game being a more recent release it doesn’t have the largest community, but the community that does play it is dedicated to enjoying it. Also with the PS4 announcement this game is certainly going to see a lot of work being put into it. If you’re looking for a difficult time and some real memories with your friends then I would certainly suggest the Electric man 2 game.