Second version
Is your work boring? Is it hard? Is your boss an asshole? Do you get a lot of stress while at work? I have an awesome game for you, not only it will help you to release stress, but you will also enjoy your time while playing it and you’ll laugh from your heart. So the name of this miraculous game is Whack Your Boss 2. This is the second version of the game, the previous one gained so much popularity that developers decided to make the second sequel as well.

Objective and possible scenarios
So what is your objective in the game? Well your job is to punish your boss, he behaves very badly, he makes unpleasant notes all the time, he is always unsatisfied with your work and he demands from you more work than you actually have to do. You get pissed off and you decide to use different objects around you to punish your boss. These objects represent different scenarios as well, for example: if you will click on a lamp which is on the desk, your character will pick it up and crash your boss’ head with it, if you will click on a PC monitor your character will first hit your boss with it in the head and after that action will take place behind the wall where your character keeps hitting over and over again with the monitor. As you can see there are various objects and each one has a different possible scenario, in total there are 10 different outcomes.

The game might seem full of blood and violence, but at the same time, it is hilarious, just like that crazy racing game Happy Wheels. Dark humor is what makes this game so popular.

As soon as your character finishes dealing with his boss you can click the button cleaner and you can proceed to another object. The game ends once you earn 10 scores.

Some scenarios involve other characters as well; your co-workers who are also angry at your boss often help you. You can see one of such scenarios for example when you click on the clock which is located on the far wall.

The game is fun and it can definitely help you to relax, play it with us and have fun.

P.S. Keep in mind that here you can play Whack Your Boss 2: Fantasy Edition, not an ordinary one, I think Fantasy Edition is a lot more entertaining.