Adventure games are one of my favorite ones, walking through interesting maps, overcoming difficult and challenging obstacles, avoiding traps, and reaching the finish line is very interesting and entertaining. This is why I love Vex 3; it has everything that a good adventure game needs. The fact that the game already has a third version means that it is very popular and previous releases were also successful.

Patience is a virtue
So, on our blog, you can play an online unblocked version of the game, which allows you to enjoy the game fully. What should you know about the game? Well first of all be patient, game is full of different traps and obstacles, sometimes you will have to plan your move and be careful. Observe your path and think about how can you overcome it and make your move only after that.

The difficulty of the game changes as you go further and finish more levels, obstacles are more tricky and harder to overcome, traps are more dangerous and your task is harder. This is exactly why this game is so challenging and interesting at the same time, you won’t get an easy win here.

Moves that help you
It will take some time for you to master all moves in the game, like sliding under the walls, jumping from one wall into another, and other tricks. Sure there is a lot to learn in this game, but the more you learn the better you will play and in the end, you will manage to finish the game successfully.

With all that being said, it is time for you to start your adventure, go through obstacles, avoid traps, and reach the finish line alive.

P.S. Well there are two other decent games you should give a try: Tank Trouble 2 and Tetris. Take a look play for a while and let us know if it was entertaining for you.