What is Tank Trouble Deathmatch?
Tank Trouble Unblocked is an awesome multiplayer game made for playing with your friends! Challenge your friends to a tank battle! Collect the power-ups and try to beat your opponents! Shoot the other tanks and look out for any bullets coming in your direction – even your own ones!

Controls: The game has very easy controls. Player 1 uses Arrow keys to move and M to shoot. Player 2 uses E, F, D, and S for moving and Q for shooting. Player 3 uses Mouse to move around and Left Click to shoot.

Instructions: When you start the game, you can choose to play in 2 player or 3 player mode. Once you have chosen that, you will be sent straight to the battlefield. You need to be awake right from the beginning so your opponent can’t surprise you. The map’s size and shape are different every time so you can learn different strategies for different types of maps. Use the controls above to move your tank around. You can only shoot one bullet at a time so aim carefully. It will bounce off the walls a few times though so even if you missed, you might get another chance to hit. There are multiple different power-ups scattered around the map and using them could give you the advantage you need to beat your opponent. You will get 1 point every time you are the last man standing.

Remember to play smart and be careful!
Remember: You will not be the ultimate master of this game when you first try it but with some practice, you are going to improve your skills a lot. If you think you’re not good enough to beat your opponent, try practicing the game with another friend or even alone. The game is still fun to play when you have no friend playing with you. When playing alone, you can train your Tank Trouble skills in peace. You can play Tank Trouble 2 to try yourself different tactics.

Fun things to do:
1. Challenge your friends to play against you and see who gets to 5 wins first!
2. One player has to try to kill the others while others run away and can’t use weapons.
3. You are only allowed to use the homing missiles!
4. Wait some time until the whole map is filled with power-ups and then start the mayhem!

Secrets / Tips:
1. Try looking for ways to trap your opponent in a corner.
2. Stay calm and try not to panic when aiming your shot.
3. Try to think about what your opponent is going to do so you can be ready.