If you are a professional gamer or an average gamer taking time out from your busy office schedules then the best game to look out for would be “stick RPG2 MMORPG”.MMORPG are well known for their previous games “world of warcraft”, “tera “, “Age of Conan” to name a few.

“Stick RPG 2 “is the second version but with a totally different outlook. Role-playing games have always been challenging and this one is no different from its genre. An action-packed game where you are thrust into an unfamiliar city with strangers and forced to fight your way out. It has all the role-playing actions you ever need, work, gamble, fight, collect points, etc.

To begin with I would advise you to just go through the entire city for its a whole lot different from the first version. It starts with getting a job at Mc sticks and every 5 shifts you get a promotion.

On the other street, you have a university where you can study and the gym. You will need to keep up with your strength and intelligence for the different jobs.

The weapons that can be used and how to get them are as follows:

Old Baseball Bat: Steel and Hawks
-Major League Bat: Gun Dealer Street 2
-Hall of Fame Bat: Max Drug Dealer Profession
-Ornamental Katana Sword: Steel and Hawks
-Carbon Steel Katana: Gun Dealer Street 2
-The Masamune: Max Xgen Profession
-Sledgehammer: *
-Pistol: Steel and Hawks
-Glock pistol: Gun Dealer Street 2
-Single Barrel Shotgun: Gun Dealer Street 2
-Double Barrel Shotgun: Gangster HQ
-Combat Shotgun: Max Cop profession
-Machine Gun: Gun Dealer Street 2
-Ak 47: Warehouse
-Secret Weapon: Beating Hitman

The main goal though is to collect 4d all the 4 d objects and give them to the professor and in turn, he will give you the keys to the lab. These can be collected by the following methods

Beat the yellow guy at chess in U of S

-Give the prince money to bail out of jail at the police station (I wouldn’t recommend this)
-Buy from a guy who randomly appears in casino
Klein bottle: Either
– Give the depressed guy on the far right of street 1 self-help book, he gives a squeegee give to
a guy by dumpsters on street 3.
– Fight the guy at the bar in the club
– Buy from a guy who randomly appears in casino
Mobius strip: Either
– Give the guy outside condos at night 3 coca, (negative karma)
– Give police 3 coca (positive karma)
– Buy from a guy who randomly appears in casino

The control buttons are basically the shift key and the arrow keys which provide the obvious movements.

“stick rpg2 is a whole lot different from the first one as it has more role-playing options and is more expanded.

On the whole, you would not realize time flies by relaxing playing “STICK RPG 2 Unblocked”.

Another unblocked game which is also entertaining is Gunblood. Play an unblocked version of this game and have fun.