What kind of game is it?  Action shooter, with tanks, mazes, duels, power-ups, etc.
 I hope this game is free to play…  Sure it is, all games on our blog are free to play.
 Is it a remake of the old console game, Tanks?  It reminds me of that game for sure, I used to play it on old console – Terminator.
 Is AI smart enough in the game?  AI is a really tough opponent, defeating him is a pretty hard challenge actually.
 Are there some power-ups?  There are power-ups, not only that but there are upgrades as well, which is an interesting feature.
 Can I play it from the browser?  It is an online game so yeah, you can play it from browser.
 How many levels are there?  Too many to count, I wasn’t able to finish the game completely yet.
 Do you plan to add more games?  I have such plans, but most likely I will add old console games, or their remakes.
 Where can I learn more about your blog?  Check about us page, I have listed tons of important details there.
 Are you an old school game?  Yes, I have started gaming from my childhood, from the 90s. Gaming was one of the most precious memories of mine.


You mighth ave more questions, in this case please use our contact form and we will answer your questions directly as soon as we will have time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.