The “Dolphin Olympics” game is an online flash game that was designed by Mr. Alan Rawkins. It was updated to the “Dolphin Olympics 2″ the year 2007 and completely replaced the predecessor “Dolphin Olympics”, the same year Return Man 3 was released. However, the “Dolphin Olympics 2″ game is fundamentally the same with the original version and reaching to the universe-end requires the same exact skills and instructions, and get awarded with massive high scores for your time sacrifice and practice.

1. Build up the speed by jumping out and in of the water by using the “down” and “Up” arrow keys. Adjust the nose of the dolphin at a 45 degree for a smooth re-entry into the water using the “Left” and “Right” arrow keys so as to build faster speed and also build the trick combo.

  1. Press “Up” key once the dolphin has entered into the water so as to jump out very fast and also build the momentum; hanging in the water for too long slows the dolphin and ends the trick combo.
  2. Press “Down,” “Left” and “Right” to flip and also cork-screw your dolphin so as to multiply the points and also build an even speedier platform; the dolphin loses all the momentum if you happen to do the trick poorly.

Tips & Warnings
Pay attention to the landings because not only will it give you a credit for your trick but your points will also accumulate within the one combo. While playing Dolphin Olympics, the points you get for a combo are usually determined by-product of your points cumulative value of the total tricks and also a multiplier that’s increasing with the number of tricks that you complete. The increase in the multiplier for the trick equates to 1 divided multiplied by the number of periods that the trick was done. For instance, the primary nice entry that you do increases the multiplier by 1 while the second increases the multiplier by 0.5. The final score is the total sum of all the combos. It’s most beneficial to have huge combos. The “Nice Entry” will always continue your combo, not unless you hang underwater for much too long. Never delay while underwater, it’s either you are exiting or entering at all times.

Building your multiplier happens to be very crucial. You need to do at least two Carnivals, Reversals, and Wraparounds as these tricks are next to impossible to perform after having built up a higher speed. The good rule to gauge your performance is to make sure by 10 seconds into starting the game the multiplier should be at least 10 while by 30 seconds the multiplier should be at least 20. Achieving a good early multiplier can win you up to 15 to 20 million points. You can also play SSF 2 unblocked which is also a great game.

If you have a desire of mastering the Carnival, you’ll have to learn how to regulate the flipping speed with the corkscrews. If your corkscrew and also flip at once, the rate in which you flip decreases. While you are flipping in the air its convenient to corkscrew so as to regulate your flipping speed and set up a very Nice Entry and also a successful corkscrew. On occasion, you try the Wraparound and a halfway through you realize you’re too deep to actually surface. You halt and jump from the water only to discover that your combo has already reset. To stop resetting, you need to press the “down” arrow key, tail slide, and then jump out of the water with only a very slight loss of your speed.

During the mid-game, you won’t be trying to get the Carnivals, Reversals, and Wraparounds. Instead, your tricks will consist of Flips, Schooled, Rewinds, Firecrackers, and Extensions. The Extensions are very essential since they usually increase your speed, game clock, and multiplier. By exiting the waters at shallow water and also not going up above the clouds, you will maximize the probability of hitting the extensions.