Hi, so you probably came here for information regarding what kind of the game it is, what this blog is all about, and why we have decided to built it. Let’s start one by one, shall we?

What kind of the game is the Awesome Tanks:
Do you guys remember Tanks on old console games? I’m talking about old console games, such as Dendi, Terminator, etc. I used to have one of those and I used to play Tanks on them, it was awesome and those memories were one of the sweetest ones. Anyway, Awesome Tanks is a remake of that old game, it has a brand new design, new cool features and various interesting things that make the game really entertaining and fun.

What is this blog about:
I have decided to make this blog and add here various remakes of old console games, I feel really nostalgic about those games from time to time and I am sure that a lot of gamers feel the same way. I have decided to collect old games and add them here, we can see remakes as well as original ones and have fun together. I think it would be awesome and we could really have fun.

Reason for building blog:
To find people with the same interests as mine, I do feel lonely from time to time and I have decided to find friends, people, and gamers who appreciate old school games. We could hang out together, play together, and share various stuff here. We can try to make this blog as some sort of social interaction platform. We can discuss other off-topic stuff as well.

Well, guys as you can see I’m kind of sad and upset, I hope we can communicate with each other and overcome all struggles together, I think that online games can play a big role in this. Comment below what are your thoughts about it.