Kinda reminds me of the game from my childhood – Tanks, I used to play it all day long with my sister, those were good old days. I’m really happy to see that this game has now a modern remake with better graphics and other cool improvements.

How to play:
The main idea of the game is to destroy all of your opponents. When you destroy enemy tanks you gain money, after finishing levels you can buy upgrades for your tank with that money. For example, you can purchase: armor, visibility, turret speed, movement speed, weapons and weapon features (such as ricochet, flame, shock, etc.), lasers, mines, rockets, etc. Game is pretty complicated and it has a huge list of different weapons, to be honest, I think this game has the best upgrade features.

Create your own map:
Awesome Tanks 2 also has a level editor that allows you to build your own custom maps. The game has three different difficulties: easy, medium and hard if you are familiar with this kind of games you can safely choose the medium mode.

Controls are listed on the menu, but I will add them separately here, this way it is more comfortable.

So in order to move you either use arrow buttons or AWSD buttons.

In order to shoot and aim you use your mouse.

Like I have said before, money is very important in the game, the more money you collect the better tank upgrades you will get so this is very important and it will be essential when you will have to deal with stronger opponents.
Upgrades include: minigun, shotgun, ricochet, flamethrower, cannon, shock. You can also buy/upgrade mines and place them. You can also buy futuristic weapons like laser and railgun. Traditional weapons like rockets are also available.
Other upgrades include: armor, visibility, speed, and movement speed.
As you can see there are tons of different upgrades which you can purchase.

The second version of the game has so many changes and so many new stuff in it, that it will take you some time to figure everything out.

Try to move all the time, navigate in different directions, avoid enemy’s bullets and don’t stop firing. Ammo is not a problem, you can always collect bullets from fallen enemies or from breaking wooden boxes.
Remember, the level is not cleared until you will destroy your enemies base!

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Play it from your phone:
We have app that allows you to play this game on Android phones and iOS as well.

I know that there are tons of similar games out there, tank games are really popular so a lot of different developers make it, but I must say that this game is still unique and different when compared with others. It has various options and features that make game entertaining and challenging, it has various achievements and quests, it has various power-ups, interesting maps, and tough opponents. Game is the remake of classic old console game Tanks from the 90s and it has a brand new look, attractive graphics, and amazing new features.

Play it with us, defeat your opponents and upgrade your tank with various gadgets. Leave your comments below and share your experience with the community.

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Short intro of Free Rider 3 – Flash bike simulator

Even though free rider 3 is simple, it is a very enjoyable game to play. This is because you only need to know how to control the rider. The main challenge in this game is to make sure that your rider doesn’t flip over. This means balancing between your pedals and brakes.

To play the game, you will race a bike on tracks created by other riders. You will use your arrow keys to control your rider. You take an unstable bike through hand-drawn levels, collect stars, and use power-ups for the win.

The good thing about playing the game is that you can create your own stick figure and start to ride. Not only is the game fun and addictive, but it is also educational. Teachers have discovered that creating tracks has a strong link to programming logic, it develops persistence, and it provides a fun environment to use basic science principles. As well if you like flash games you can try Electric Man 2 game for free.

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